Garage Door Cable Length: Key Factors for Precision

Ensuring the correct garage door cable length is crucial for optimal door balance and functionality. Three essential factors determine the proper cable length:

1. Garage Door Height: The height of the garage door is a fundamental consideration when calculating cable length. Measure from the bottom of the door, rounding to the nearest 3” door height for accurate results.

2. Lift Types: Garage doors come with various lift mechanisms, including standard lift, hi-lift, and vertical lift. Each lift type requires specific considerations:

  • Standard Lift: Suitable for residential doors with approximately 12” of headroom for torsion springs and 8.5” for extension springs.
  • Hi-Lift: Ideal for spaces requiring increased clearance below the open door, such as garages with high ceilings or car lifts.
  • Vertical Lift: Common in commercial settings with high ceilings, requiring a ceiling height equal to the door height.

Pro Tip: Consider door tracks following the pitch of a roof, a factor easily addressed with the SSC Spring Engineering App.

3. Cable Wire Size: The cable wire size depends on the drum, door height, and weight. Each drum has a maximum cable diameter, with larger doors necessitating appropriately sized drums and cables for safe lifting.

SSC Spring Engineering App Solution: The SSC Spring Engineering App streamlines the process of determining cable length and other cable wire details in minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the drum used on the garage door (look for a part number).
  2. Open the SSC Spring Engineering App and navigate to the Spring Engineering section.
  3. Select your drum and tap the blue info icon.
  4. Access the cable length formula for the chosen drum, along with the recommended cable diameter.

Cable Length Formats (Use the SSC App to determine # of inches):

  • Standard Lift Doors: Measurement from floor to shaft center + (x) # of inches.
  • Hi-Lift Doors: Measurement from floor to shaft center + (x) # of inches – amount of hi-lift.
  • Vertical Doors: Measurement from floor to shaft center + (x) # of inches – door height.

Rely on the SSC Spring Engineering App for accurate calculations, ensuring your garage door operates seamlessly.


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